Our broad and challenging curriculum promotes curiosity, encourages resilience, and inspires a lifelong love of learning, helping our pupils to blossom into confident, independent learners. The curriculum equips children with a strong academic foundation, a growth mindset, and the skills they need to succeed as both children and adults.

Pupils explore a diverse array of subjects which are taught by specialists who not only possess profound expertise but also radiate an infectious passion for their respective fields of study. They also enjoy, and make full use of, specialist facilities for Science, Computing, Art, Design Technology, Music, P.E, and Outdoor Learning.

We take pride in maintaining intimate class sizes, capped at a maximum of 18 children per class. This deliberate choice ensures an optimal learning environment, where each individual has the opportunity to thrive and excel.

We truly believe our bespoke offering provides something for every child and will help them to uncover their interests and pursue their passions.


We pride ourselves on preparing our pupils for the next stage in their education.

We have excellent academic credentials, supported by our yearly assessments that utilise computer adaptive testing from the Cambridge University Centre for Evaluating and Monitoring. Pupils are assessed right from their first year at school which provides us with an in-depth insight into their progress across a variety of metrics.

Many families choose to keep their children in independent education following their time at Richmond House and we make sure that all are fully prepared for the entrance examinations which take place in the January of Year 6. We help our pupils gain access to many of the leading secondary schools across Yorkshire, where we believe they will continue to flourish, with a substantial number being awarded Scholarships.

Creative arts

Creative Arts at Richmond House School is thriving, and our extensive provision provides children with a wealth of opportunities to expand their imagination, express themselves, and shine. All pupils are taught Art, Design Technology, Drama, Dance and Music as part of the curriculum by specialist teachers. Outside of the curriculum, the school offers several extracurricular clubs and activities.

Our artists explore a whole range of disciplines from painting to ceramics, inspired by the works of renowned practitioners. Designers engage in a hands-on learning experience that includes constructing models, crafting prototypes, and building functional objects. Pupils become familiar with a range of materials and tools, learning about measurements, accuracy, and precision. Our pupils benefit from our well-equipped Art Studio and Design Lab.

Music, Drama and Dance are an intrinsic part of Richmond House School. Children participate in a variety of concerts and productions which are a highlight of the school calendar and create memories that they, and their parents, will cherish forever. We are an inclusive school, and all children take part whatever their ability, and take pride in the quality of the work they produce. Individual instrumental music lessons are also available and are delivered by a highly experienced, dedicated, and inspiring team of Visiting Music Teachers.

Outdoor learning

Our Outdoor Learning programme encourages holistic development, fosters a love for the natural world, and equips our pupils with essential life skills that will serve them well into adulthood. Lessons are held in our ever-evolving Outdoor Learning area, which boasts a yurt classroom, tepee, fire pit and a mini-beast area.

Children in Years 3 to 6 enjoy and embrace a range of new challenges and exciting experiences. Our sessions with children in Years 3 and 4 focus on team building and survival, where children gather and nurture essential skills of communication and co-operation, alongside survival techniques. In Years 5 and 6 pupils participate in an array of outdoor pursuits activities both on and off site, such as climbing, mountain biking, orienteering and water sports.

Our pupils also delight in spending time in our Secret Garden. In this captivating and inspiring place children learn how to plant and harvest seasonal produce, maintain the garden, and live sustainably.


Sport plays an integral role in the education and wellbeing of our pupils. All children are afforded the opportunity to participate in an array of competitive and non-competitive sporting pursuits, as part of an extensive and varied programme.

Pupils hone their skills and deepen their game understanding, across our expansive 10-acre sports fields and courts. They are guided by a team of talented and dedicated coaches who create an environment that instils confidence, promotes teamwork, nurtures leadership, and brings the best out of each child.

In Years 3 to 6, children relish competing against other schools in a range of sports which include: cricket, cross-country, football, hockey, lacrosse, netball, rugby, and swimming. Our pupils represent Richmond House with pride and do so whilst supporting and encouraging their teammates. We consistently punch above our weight and enjoy success at both a regional and national level.

Trips and residentials

We hold the belief that expanding our pupils’ horizons and enriching their curriculum studies beyond the classroom is of utmost importance. Each year wide-ranging trips provide practical, real-world experiences that complement classroom learning.

Children in Years 3 to 6 also have the chance to enjoy action-packed residentials starting with two nights on the East Coast in Year 3, building up to five days exploring the French capital, Paris.

In addition to offering trips and residentials, we invite visitors from different faiths, professions, and organisations to Richmond House to run workshops and hold assemblies.

Pastoral Care

At the heart of all our endeavours lies the wellbeing of our pupils. We recognise the profound importance of pastoral care in nurturing happy, confident, and resilient individuals. We take pride in our safe and supportive environment that enables children to thrive, explore, and expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

At Richmond House, children are encouraged to treat each other with empathy, respect, and compassion. We believe that fostering a culture of kindness not only leads to harmonious relationships but also supports the emotional wellbeing of our pupils.

All pupils from Reception to Year 6 belong to one of the school’s four Houses which celebrate Yorkshire’s rivers: Aire, Nidd, Swale and Wharfe. The House system gives our children a sense of belonging to something bigger than their year group but smaller than the whole school.

Our School Council is an incredibly important part of a whole-school commitment to listening to the views and wishes of all our children. The representatives, voted in by their peers, are from Years 3-6. However, we have a designated form time when children from all age groups can put forward ideas that are aimed to make Richmond House an even happier place to be.

Children leave Richmond House happy, confident, and well-prepared for the next stage in their education, and life.

Healthy eating

Delicious, well-balanced lunches are freshly prepared daily in the school kitchen by the magnificent Mrs Dean, our School Catering Manager, and her brilliant team. We specially cater for allergies and provide a vegetarian alternative every day, as well as a choice of pasta or jacket potato dishes, cold meats, salad bar, fruit and yoghurt.

Children are required to bring in a healthy snack for breaktime, preferably a piece of fruit. They are also expected to have a school water bottle and are encouraged to regularly drink water throughout the day. Breakfast is served in pre care, with snacks and a light tea provided in after care.

Wraparound care

We understand that busy parents require the upmost flexibility, and we know that many require different care arrangements every week, if not every day. We offer exceptional wraparound care from 7:30am until 6:00pm. Unlike many settings, here at Richmond House, parents can book care on a termly, weekly, or daily basis. Running late or have something urgent to attend to? No problem, notify the school at any time during the school day and we will make sure your child will be cared for and entertained until your arrival. Last minute change of plans meaning you no longer require wraparound care? Simply get in touch to let us know.

Pre Care runs from 7.30am until 8.30am when the school day starts. A breakfast of cereal, toast, crumpets, muffins, fruit, and juice is included.

We finish the school day at 3:30pm. Children in Years 3-6 are welcome to go to Homework Club, which is a free of charge session running until 4:30pm, where they can do their homework, with help available from our teaching staff. We also have a wide range of extra-curricular activities which take place after school each day until 4:30pm. These are pre-booked at the start of each term and are free, unless run by an external organisation.

After Care runs until 6.00pm. Following the extra-curricular activity or homework club, a light tea is served at 4.45 pm. After tea, there will be more relaxed activities to enjoy and an opportunity to finish off homework.

Fees can be found here.

Holiday Club

Richmond House is open 51 weeks a year. During all school holidays, except the week of Christmas, we run an exciting and activity-filled Holiday Club. Run by our dedicated team of staff, parents can be safe in the knowledge that their children will be well looked after, whilst having lots of fun! Core hours: 9am – 4pm, extended hours: 8am – 6pm.

Fees can be found here.

“Richmond House is a very special place where our children are flourishing. We are incredibly grateful for the start the school is giving them.”

Current parent