Application for Nursery and Reception places

Parents are invited to visit our School and meet the Headmaster, Mr Bouckley following their initial enquiry.

To register your child for a place, please use the Registration Form supplied with the prospectus or click on the link below. Registration costs £25 and means that your child is placed on the entry list for the term and year of your choice. The School will keep you informed of future events and the next stage in the application process.

Prior to entry, those registered for a place are invited to a short informal assessment visit where they will spend a short amount of time with their peers and teacher. There will also be an opportunity for parents to meet and talk any concerns through with Mr Bouckley and the relevant teaching staff.

Following the assessment visit a formal offer of a place is made. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis and are secured by the payment of a deposit. Once all places are taken, names will be added to a waiting list.

Registration Form

Year 1 and above

Places may be available in other year groups and applications are welcome for these at any time. Children are invited into School for a half or a full day visit and participate in the lessons of the Year group they will join. The children will be informally assessed on this visit, following which a place may be offered.

Registration Form