Richmond House School first opened its doors on 17th September 1935, housing 24 five year olds. The school was founded by Miss Beryl Davies to provide first class academic education for boys and girls from the age of 5 to 11 years.

The school was named after a boarding house in Llandudno, which was a regular childhood haunt for Miss Davies. In the early days of Richmond House School, there were only two teachers and a cook and fees were only three guineas per term!

The school originally occupied just one building, 170 Otley Road. In 1938, 168 Otley Road was acquired and the buildings were joined by an interconnecting passageway.


In 1940 Richmond House School opened a senior department taking girls to School Certificate age of 13.

In 1942, the Nursery class was opened for children aged 3-4 years.

In 1945, 172 Otley Road was acquired and again adjoining passageways were built from the main school.


In 1950 the school library was opened and in 1954 planning permission was received for the Assembly Hall and Dining Hall.
The school was divided into Far Headingley Prep School and Richmond House. Children moved into Richmond House at age 7. The younger years were in the lower two buildings, and Richmond House was in the Upper building next to the dentist.


In the early 1960’s a swimming pool and music room were added to the school’s facilities.

The attic at the top of the Lower School building housed a Hornby Train Room, which was fully set out with a large train set, scenery and painted walls.


Miss Davies remained as Headmistress for over forty years and saw the school grow considerably in terms of numbers and facilities. Miss Davies retired in 1979 and Miss Pettingell took over as Headmistress. The school was handed over to a Board of Governors and has operated as a charitable trust ever since.


In the early 1980’s the requirement for expensive renovation saw the removal of the swimming pool and a classroom which was initially used for Science erected in its place.


In 1991 Miss Pettingell retired and Miss Cleland took over Headmistress until 1994 when she was succeeded by Mr Kellet.
In 1995 the nursery was relocated from upstairs in the main building to its own dedicated space in the lower playground.
Mr Milne was appointed as the new Headmaster of Richmond House School.
A sports pavilion was erected on the school grounds in 1999 to provide changing, storage and entertaining space for the school.


In June 2000, the adventure playground was installed behind the pavilion, and the school purchased the playing fields behind the school from United Business Media, owners of the Yorkshire Post.
Mrs Disley took over from Mr Milne in 2008.
In 2010 a new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) building was created for Reception and Nursery, offering a spacious, open plan environment for children to explore and learn.


In 2012 the school built a large car park to enable parents to drop off and pick up their children safely and easily. As part of the process the entire area was landscaped with almost 1000 plants and trees.
In 2014 a yurt was erected on the school fields, which is used as an outdoor learning classroom and in 2015 a new adventure playground was built.
In 2016 Mrs Disley retired after 8 years at Richmond House and Mrs Stiles took over the reins.
In 2019 the EYFS building was demolished and replaced with new Nursery and Reception classrooms creating a more spacious learning environment.


In 2020 Mr Chris Bouckley joined the school as Headteacher. Mrs Sharon Young is the current school Headteacher.

Over the years, and with different head teachers, the school has altered in many ways, but has always maintained its reputation for excellent academic results and a caring, family atmosphere.