We are delighted to share that Miss Boyes, our dedicated Year 2 teacher, has been nominated for the ‘Mentor of the Year’ award by Leeds Beckett University School of Education.

Our school collaborates closely with Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds, welcoming student teacher placements and PGCE students annually. This partnership offers aspiring teachers the chance to gain invaluable classroom experience under the mentorship of our seasoned educators.

Richmond House greatly benefits from this program, as these enthusiastic future teachers bring fresh energy and support to our classrooms. In the past, several students from the program have been appointed as Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants, becoming integral members of our teaching staff.

Our mentors, including Miss Boyes, are dedicated to shaping the next generation of educators, providing them with the guidance they need to succeed. We’re thrilled to announce that the two students mentored by Miss Boyes this year have secured teaching positions for September, a true testament to her exceptional support and mentorship.