Our House Captains have come up with some very creative ideas for house events since they have been in post. One House Captain took the initiative to research projects that could engage the entire school community. They stumbled upon a model of an animal made from marshmallows and cocktail sticks, which sparked excitement among the team. After some discussion, they decided to implement this idea but with a twist: Years 3 and 4 would construct little houses and buildings, while Years 5 and 6 would sculpt animals. The House Captains believed that building structures would be easier for the younger pupils, whereas creating animal sculptures would pose a greater challenge for the older ones.

The event was a resounding success, with pupils thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to work together in small teams. Not only did they find it fun and challenging, but they also appreciated the chance to collaborate with peers from different age groups. The judges evaluated the teams based on their teamwork, tidiness, and the quality of their models, with the winning houses are as follows:

Year 3 and 4 Winning House – Aire | Year 5 and 6 Winning House – Nidd

Overall, this initiative has been hailed as one of the best challenges the school has undertaken, showcasing the creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie within the student body.