Congratulations to our Headteacher, Mrs Young, and her team at Harewood Riding Club, who were crowned British Riding Clubs Senior Intermediate Winter Show Jumping Team Champions.

The competition, which took place at Onley Equestrian Complex in Warwickshire, was comprised of 2 rounds. The first, required the team of 4 riders to individually complete a course that included 12 fences, within a set time, without knocking down any of the fences. The second round followed the same format as the first, however the fences were increased in height and the course was made more complex.

Following the 2 rounds, 3 teams were level, and the competition went into a jump off, where again the fences were raised higher and riders were challenged to complete the course against the clock. Undeterred, Mrs Young and her team, stepped up to the challenge and claimed victory in the jump off to become national champions.

A very happy Mrs Young, commented:

“It is difficult to describe the thrill of show jumping as it evokes a heady mix of fear, trust, and control. Being part of such an amazing team gave me the boost of confidence needed to push myself when the ask seemed too high. I am so happy we have achieved this victory together!”