We were delighted to welcome our Cello Teacher, Mrs Sam Laverick, back to Richmond House this week.

Mrs Laverick has been teaching cello for nearly 30 years and has worked with pupils at Richmond House since 2003. Many of her students have gone on to join music colleges, and schools on music scholarships, but Mrs Laverick’s priority for her students has always been for them to enjoy playing and achieve their best:

“Music is so joyful, and I really want my students to experience that joy when they play their cello. My passion is getting students to a level where they can play in ensembles. Playing music, particularly in a group dynamic, is great fun and is an excellent way to make new friends and have different experiences. The cello is a wonderful instrument, and I would encourage Richmond House pupils to come and have a go at playing it.”

If your child is interested in trying the cello, please contact our Director of Music, Mrs MacGregor who will help to arrange taster lessons.