Between 14 – 18 November, we proudly supported Anti- Bullying Week. We launched the week with special assemblies to all our pupils.

Anti-Bullying Week is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and this year’s theme is Reach out. In our assemblies, we shared with pupils the importance of reaching out to others if they see, hear or feel others being unkind. Year 6 pupils also created material to perform at the assemblies of different scenarios pupils may find themselves in or witness.

Throughout the week, each class was tasked with creating their very own children’s charter that include pledges to help prevent bullying. These will be included in the School’s Anti Bullying Policy supporting our aim to give our pupils a voice.

Each pupil were also asked to create their very own hand to represent and emphasise the Reach Out theme for this year’s campaign. All the hands were collected at the end of the week and displayed in school dining hall.


We were delighted with how every pupil has engaged with Anti-Bullying Week and would like to thank each one of them for their input and participation. Special thanks to Mrs Wilson and Mrs Smyth for coordinating Anti-Bullying Week across school and to our Year 6 pupils for preparing their scenarios for our assemblies.