Our summer Holiday Club at Richmond House has been a great success once again. This summer we have had the pleasure of welcoming a Ukrainian child who recently arrived in Leeds with the support of their local sponsor.

Luda Medvyd and her daughter Tsvitka arrived in the UK in mid-July. Richmond House School were able to offer a place for Tsvitka to attend Holiday Club, helped in part by some fundraising children from across the school had done towards the end of the summer term.

Tsvitka attended Holiday Club for 5 weeks, helping her settle into her new life in Leeds with her Mother. Luda has kindly given some beautiful feedback about her daughter’s time at Richmond House this summer:

“I thank Richmond House School for providing an opportunity for my daughter to attend the Holiday Club this summer. During her time at the school she has spoken of many new experiences, with her favourite activities being the computer classes, the CSI workshop, the adventure playground in the school grounds and the games she has played with the teacher and children. Whenever I have collected her at the end of the day she has always been very happy.”

I am sincerely grateful to the staff at the school for their understanding of the situation we found ourselves in, forced to leave our home due to the war. We are so grateful for the support and shelter we have received from people in the UK.”
Luda Medvyd, Tsvitka’s Mother.

Their sponsor Sharon Woodruff echoes this:

“I would like to thank the school for their support. You have really made a huge difference to Luda and Tsvitka, giving them the chance to find their feet in Leeds this summer. Tsvitka has really enjoyed her days at the school.”
Sharon Woodruff, family sponsor.

As school we are delighted we could help in some small way for this family. The children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed having Tsvitka at Holiday Club and we wish her and Luda all the very best for their future.