Richmond House School is committed to encouraging healthy eating and places great emphasis on providing pupils with a well-balanced diet in line with the Government’s compulsory nutritional standards for school lunches.

Lunch is freshly prepared daily in the school kitchen by Mrs Dean, our experienced School Catering Manager, and her team, and is served in the dining room. Mrs Dean has been working at Richmond House School for over 23 years, and many of our former pupils and staff have great memories of her cooking, especially her rice pudding, and marble cake!

We are proud to have a five-star food hygiene rating from Leeds City Council. Our menu changes weekly in a five-week cycle. All our meals aim to give children a varied and balanced diet and a vegetarian alternative is available every day as well as a choice of pasta or jacket potato dishes, cold meats, a help-yourself salad bar, fruit and yoghurt.

Children are required to bring in a healthy snack for breaktime, preferably a piece of fruit. They are also expected to have a school water bottle and are encouraged to regularly drink water throughout the day. Breakfast is served in pre care, with snacks and a light tea provided in after care.

Sample Menu


Main: Herb roasted and braised turkey in gravy, pommes noisettes, and baby corn.
Vegetarian Main: Vegetable cheese cakes, pomme noisettes and baby corn.
Pasta Choice.
Dessert: Sliced pear and raspberry ripple ice cream.


Main: Beef stew and dumplings, crispy roast potatoes, and sprouts.
Vegetarian Main: Macaroni and cheese bake, crispy roast potatoes, and sprouts.
Dessert: Rhubarb crumble and cream.


Main: Cheesy tuna and pasta bake, new potatoes, and mixed vegetables.
Vegetarian Main: Vegetable nuggets, new potatoes, and mixed vegetables.
Jacket Potato Choice.
Dessert: Syrup sponge and custard.


Main: Country chicken and vegetable pie, diced potato, and baby carrots.
Vegetarian Main: Cheese and onion rolls, diced potato, and baby carrots.
Pasta Choice.
Dessert: Rice pudding and raspberry sauce.


Main: Shepherds pie, and baked beans.
Vegetarian Main: Veggie shepherds pie, and baked beans.
Dessert: Warm chocolate brownie and whipping cream.

Cold meat, cheese, or tuna, as well as salad, bread and butter, fresh fruit, and yoghurt will be available daily.