Emotional Health

Pastoral Care is an essential aspect of school life at Richmond House School. Our Deputy Head is responsible for leading Pastoral Care who works closely with staff, pupils and parents to ensure the wellbeing and progress of all of our pupils.

We encourage a healthy body and mind and seek to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral and social development to prepare pupils for the responsibilities and experiences of life.

Our Wellbeing Star symbolises our key aims; building resilience, respect, opportunities for recreation, knowledge of refuelling needs and methods of relaxation. By focusing on these areas, children develop vital skills which support them to be successful in their learning and wider relationships.

The breadth of opportunities presented to pupils, coupled with the high level of attention given to each and every individual, helps them to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem and ensure their emotional wellbeing.

All of our pupils from Nursery upwards are taught PSHEe (Personal, Social and Health and Economic Education) in which they discuss matters such as citizenship, friendship, healthy living, safety and respect for others. These themes are reiterated in assemblies.

We believe that emotional health is a vital part of school life and that a happy, caring and positive child is the cornerstone for a well-rounded and confident adult.


The children from Years 1-6 and staff belong to one of the School’s four Houses which celebrate Yorkshire’s rivers: Aire , Nidd, Swale and Wharfe.

The House system gives our children a sense of belonging to something bigger than their year group but smaller than the whole school. It provides an element of competition for events, as diverse as Sports Days or Easter Egg competitions, and encourages team spirit and working together to achieve a goal. Year 6 House Captains deliver assemblies, promote participation in house events and contribute to ideas for competitions and reward days.

House Points are awarded for good work, effort and behaviour throughout school. Each week, in Years 1 and 2, Crumbs, the House Teddy is awarded to the winning house. Children in Upper School, are awarded their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for individual House points, which also contribute to the Whole School House trophy presented at our end of year Prize day. House rewards day is also a key event in the summer term.