Well Rounded Education

Our aim is to create an environment where every child is happy to learn and to provide them with a highly academic and well-rounded education, full of opportunities, so they leave our school as confident, talented individuals having acquired essential skills for life. We want our children to be happy in themselves and proud of what they have achieved, with the self-confidence, without arrogance, to succeed in all they choose to do.
Our family environment enables children to settle in quickly and become keen and happy to learn. Many former pupils cite their happiest years to have been at Richmond House School, where lifelong friendships are formed and a foundation for learning and growth is built.

Lower School

Lower School consists of Years 1 and 2 and is for children aged 5-7 years old. Children leave Reception as increasingly confident and independent individuals, excited and curious to move on to the next stage of school life as they move into the main building of the school.

Lessons follow an enhanced and challenging version of the National Curriculum, with lessons in subjects such as Music, PE, French and Outdoor Learning. The use of the specialist Art, DT and Science rooms are introduced in Year 1 to enhance lessons and develop skills.

There are two classes in each year group, with small class sizes, which ensures focus and attention on each and every child’s learning and pastoral needs.

Our learning in Lower School is supported by a range of educational trips and visits alongside a wide programme of extra-curricular activities. Highlights include visits to Cannon Hall Farm and Skipton Castle alongside the annual Pantomime Trip at Christmas. Many children start to learn an instrument in Lower School to complement their academic learning.

Upper School

Upper School consists of Years 3 – 6 and is for children aged 7-11 years old. When children move into Upper School, lessons follow a timetable similar to senior school. Specialist teaching is provided in Outdoor Learning, Languages, Art, DT, ICT, Languages, Science and Humanities to further prepare them for Senior School.

Educational trips and visits enhance the curriculum and each year group in Upper School has the exciting experience of going on a residential visit, culminating in a 4 night stay in Paris in Year 6. Extra-curricular clubs, activities and competitions offer the opportunity for all children to participate and broaden their horizons.

Music and Drama plays a key role in providing opportunities for children to show their talents, build their confidence and enjoy performing with and in front of their friends. The Upper School annual Carol Concert, fills St Chad’s Church, as does the Spring Concert, and the Year 6 production is always one to look forward to.

Competitive fixtures in sport become more frequent as children get older and we have maintained a great sporting reputation against other schools across Yorkshire. Having up to 36 children in each year group is the perfect size to field strong teams, whilst giving all children the opportunity to represent their school in various sports fixtures.

Children are taught leadership and team building skills, and the children in Years 5 and 6 are given positions of responsibility including Heads of School, House Captains, Prefects and Lunch Monitors, all of whom do a fantastic job helping with the younger children and proving themselves to be excellent ambassadors for their school.