We are very fortunate to have over 10 acres of sports fields and outdoor areas at Richmond House School, and our Early Years certainly take advantage of this.
PE is taught weekly from Nursery by our specialist PE Teacher. Nursery and Reception children benefit from lessons in dance, movement and PE, and they also learn skills to prepare them for games such as rugby, netball and football. Children regularly use our Adventure Playground to help to develop their gross motor and risk taking skills.

Outdoor Learning

Our Outdoor Learning zone includes a yurt classroom, tepee and a fire pit. Early Years have regular outdoor learning lessons, where curriculum subjects such as Maths and Art are taught in an outdoor environment to stimulate learning and creativity. Activities this year have looked at shapes and animal habitats. Reception even built their own pirate ship as part of their topic on Pirates.


The children have weekly French lessons from Nursery with one of our Specialist Languages teachers. French words and phrases are taught to children through stories, practical activities and song.


Early Years have weekly music lessons with our specialist music teacher who teaches the basic principles of rhythm and song, preparing the children for learning instruments as they move through school. Every Christmas both Nursery and Reception put on their own music focused performances which are often the highlight of the year for many parents.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Ballet is a popular option for our Early Years children, and many continue with lessons from our visiting Ballet teacher, as they move through the school. We also offer after school clubs such as Lego, Music, Soccer Stars and Gymnastics for our Reception children.