Academic Excellence

Our pupils leave us at aged 11 as high-achieving and well-rounded individuals. We have excellent academic credentials and regularly monitor pupils’ progress and learning at a standardised national level. We choose not to take SATS, preferring to use standardised NfER testing, which enables children to be assessed while continuing to teach an exciting and enjoyable curriculum. Results of these show our pupils to be consistently and significantly above the national average expectations.

Click here for 2017 Standardised Assessment Results.

Our pupils move on to a variety of different senior schools. As we are a stand-alone primary school, we can support and advise on choice of secondary school. We have continual outstanding 11+ exam results with a substantial number of scholarships awarded each year.

Destination of Leavers


Ashville College
5 students

Bradford Grammar School
1 student

Fulneck School
1 student

The Grammar School at Leeds
5 students

Harrogate Grammar School
1 student

Harrogate Ladies College
2 students

Horsforth High School
1 student

Woodhouse Grove School
3 students

Congratulations to all those who have worked so hard to achieve their results.