A exciting annual event for Year 4 is India Day. Every year the pupils learn about India in their Geography lessons, about the history of India, culture, food, clothing and much more. They visit Bombay Stores in Bradford to prepare for the day where they are able to purchase items of clothing, jewellery and they can see a demonstration on how to wear a sari.

This year although we are educating at home, the children were delighted that they could still celebrate India Day. The visit to Bombay Stores was unfortunately not possible, but on Monday they took part in a wide range of activities.

The children watched and participated in live cookery demonstrations where they learnt to cook samosas, puri and halwa.  Children showed their classmates how to apply mehndi and make a mango lassi.

Many dressed in Indian clothing, and they all took part in a Bhangra dancing lesson. They also designed and created their own dohl drums.