Love is in the air today with our love hearts being given out and kind messages shared. Thank you for your support in helping us to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

This morning, many children eagerly showed their parents the work they have been doing and it is lovely to see how proud they are of what they have accomplished.

We had depleted numbers in Year 6 once again this week as many have been attending taster days, following the many offers they have had from different Senior Schools. The Year 6 have done amazingly well in their entrance exams, with a record number of scholarships being awarded, some scoring in the top 5 of the exams, others scoring full marks in the interviews.

The conversations I had with the Headteachers following the interview process were full of praise for our children, not only for their academic ability, but the way they conducted themselves during the day and at interview. This praise does not just come from schools who want our children to move onto them. All the visitors we have who are toured round by our Year 6, comment on how delightful and confident they are and how they hope their child grows up to be like them.

Huge congratulations to our Year 6 who can now look forward to their Paris trip, their Disney Production and all the other exciting things planned for them in the remaining months at our school. We are very proud of them all.