Mental Health week has brought our attention and awareness to the often hidden illnesses surrounding mental health. Schools and universities are regularly informed about the increasing number of children and young people who are suffering in some way from mental health issues.

Helping younger children find strategies to deal with any anxieties and worries and giving them the skills to know how to help to take care of their mental as well as physical health is a vital part of education. On Wednesday, 5Y led a fabulous assembly on Growth Mindset, reminding Upper School children the positive way to think when dealing with anything they find difficult.

In addition to their impressive Assembly this week, I also had the privilege of listening to a lecture by Brian Hodgson, a neuroscientist, about how we as educators can help children to trigger the right balance of chemicals in the brain to enable them to excel in a healthy way.
It was fascinating to learn about the scientific benefits of small things such as showing genuine care and interest in children, positive praise, kindness and affection, finding different ways to spark interest and curiosity. These have such a positive impact not only on their mental health but also their capacity to learn.

At RHS, lessons are enthusiastically taught, positive and encouraging feedback is frequently given, caring and genuine interaction between staff and children is evident every single day. I have no doubt this is the reason why our children leave the school at the end of Year 6 as happy, balanced, confident and curious individuals.