Change of any sort causes very mixed emotions. This week we have seen our Year 6 taking entrance exams and thinking about moving to their next school, which has caused a mixture of nerves, excitement and nostalgia.

Many of our children have a lot of change to deal with in their lives, moving houses, moving to senior school, making new friendships, bereavements, family separations.

Part of our well-being star is to help the children to develop their resilience to be able to adapt and respond positively to changes and disappointments that will inevitably occur in their lives. Actions like accepting defeat and congratulating another on winning a game, praising those who get the coveted part or position of responsibility, or admitting when they have done something wrong, accepting responsibility and trying again: all of these things help to develop a child’s resilience, so when the bigger changes and challenges occur, we have helped them to develop the skills required to deal with them in a positive, healthy way.