The start of a term is always a hectic one, and it is great to see children settling down into the routines of school. It is easy to forget how much we expect from them, especially when they are so young. Not only do they have to get used to finding their way around our wonderful maze of a school, but they have to remember the right
equipment, decide what they would like for their lunch, become more responsible with organisation, and that is in addition to doing their work! It is not just the children who have to adapt, parents have to get used to the new timetable, sorting out the right PE kit, signing their diaries each day and remembering what clubs and activities.

It was lovely today to welcome back some of our former pupils before they go off to University, go travelling or start a gap year. The class of 2012 enjoyed reminiscing together over lunch, tucking into Mrs Dean’s famous sponge pudding and custard. They all spoke with such fondness as they looked round the school and it was
wonderful to hear their stories and memories. These early years pass very quickly and it is important we make each year a happy, memorable one for the children.