Sports day – one of my favourite days in the year. It is such a pleasure to watch the children compete in races and seeing the determination and exhilaration on their faces when they do well. However, It is always a concern when some are disappointed, or fall, or are a bit overwhelmed. Yet, when I see the older children rushing to help the younger ones, when the children all cheer everyone on, and when they learn to congratulate each other and deal with their disappointment, it makes me so proud of them.

Resilience is such an important life skill and having the ability to get up after a fall and keep running to the end is remarkable, especially in those so young. Today was also made very special by having some additional helpers, who have a fondness for our school and volunteered to come back to help. Mr Wetherop, who the children were thrilled to see again, Mr Mullis (Junior – the clue is in the name!), and Obi and William,  two of our former pupils, who have just completed their GCSE’s and asked to come and help today. It shows a lot about what a super day today is in our school calendar, and also what a super school we have here.

So, today, huge congratulations to Aire House for winning sports day. Thank you to all the staff for all their work on this special day, particularly Mr Lowe and Mrs Young, not just for their organisation today, but for their work throughout the year in building the children’s skills, confidence and resilience in sport. Congratulations to all who took part and made the most of today and thank you to all who came to support. I am sure you will be feeling as proud of your children as I am.