Education is not just about getting the highest scores in Maths and English. We could spend all our time teaching Maths and English, but as SAT’s show, focusing on just a couple of areas can disengage children from school and education.

Education should be about breadth of subjects and variety of opportunities that enable children to develop new skills and flourish.

This was evident in last night’s Year 6 play “The Dracula Rock Show”, I was so very impressed with all the children. What was so uplifting was seeing some who, where being on stage is totally out of their comfort zone, stood confidently and performed so well, and deservedly felt very proud of themselves. Some of them found skills we never knew they had – some super singing, impressive dancing and humorous acting.

Admittedly, the Year 6 play is a considerable amount of work, it can be tedious for the children at times and causes a bit of disruption to some academic lessons. However, the learning, the confidence building, the resilience and perseverance the children develop during the preparation and performance of the play is such a valuable education for them all.

Very well done to all of the Year 6 – you were superb!

Helen Stiles – Headteacher