As I write this, our Year 5 are returning from their residential trip to Bewerley Park, having immersed themselves (literally) in a range of outdoor activities. Despite the cold, very wet weather, I have had very good reports that they have worked very hard, pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and achieved many things, including climbing to the top of Great Whernside in the snowy weather.

One aspect of their trip is team work, working together, supporting and encouraging each other to succeed. As a Headteacher, teamwork is something I rely on in order for our school to function well. We are one body, made up of many parts, and we all need each other to play their part well.

So, whether it is children holding the door open for each other, staff volunteering to give up their time to accompany sports fixtures, parents supporting various PA events, or Governors giving their expertise, we all need to work as a team to make our school the best it can be for our children so they can achieve great things.

Helen Stiles – Headteacher