Last week, Year 3 went on a two-day residential trip to Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland as part of their History topic on “The Romans in Britain”.  The children visited several different museums and historical sites to give them an experience of what life was like in Roman Britain.

At Vindolanda, the popular Roman history museum and archaeological excavation site, the children explored the remains of the fort and houses, as well as reconstructions of a temple and a gatehouse.  They also visited the Roman Army Museum where they watched a 3D film, “Edge of Empire” which rebuilt Hadrian’s Wall before their eyes, they viewed artefacts, life size displays and even had a virtual Latin lesson from a holographic Roman teacher!

After a good night’s sleep in the hostel and a hearty breakfast, the children visited Housesteads Roman Fort to meet Roman veteran ‘Rufus Aelius Victor’ who talked to them about what life was like for a Roman soldier stationed at Housesteads. The children got the opportunity to dress up in Roman armour and learnt how to march whilst repeating Latin commands. They also undertook a weapons drill, formed a “testudo” and learnt about the traditional punishments given if anyone was out of line!!

Year 3 had a great two days away on their residential trip and they were certainly very tired on the journey home!