As you receive this newsletter, many of our lower school children are in their pyjamas and onesies, enjoying watching a film, whilst eating pizza and popcorn! I know how excited many of them were for this occasion, especially after hearing all the positive comments from the Upper School film night last week. It was quite special to see them all together last week, laughing and enjoying the film together, snuggled up on cushions. Sharing an experience together with friends, even if it is simply watching a film night eating, is important for our children to do, and I would like to thank the PA for all their work in the organising of these two evenings. Definitely to be repeated.

Some of our Year 5 children enjoyed a shared experience on Tuesday when they took part in an 80 piece Orchestra at Harrogate Ladies College. I had the pleasure of attending the final concert, which they had been preparing for during the day, and it was lovely to see them confidently playing alongside so many other children. Research claims that those who share positive experiences with others feel happier, and that their life has more meaning and satisfaction. There is evidence that shows we enjoy the same experience more when it is shared than when on our own.

So, whether it is watching a film together, being part of a team in a sports fixture or competition, riding our bikes on the tennis courts early in the morning, taking part in a residential (as our Year 3 have done for the first time this week), or working hard preparing for the Year 6 play, all of these shared experiences make a hugely positive impact on our children. It is lovely to work with our staff and parents who work hard to ensure that so many of these opportunities take place.

Helen Stiles – Headteacher