Year 4 had a wonderful trip out to Danelaw Dark Age Village at Murton Park near York last week.  The children took part in a hands-on activity day which introduced them to life in Saxon Britain. Upon arrival, the children dressed up in a period costume, and visited the Anglo-Saxon village where they experienced first-hand the daily life of a Saxon family. In the village they learnt new skills and all about the hard work and dangers that were part of daily life.

Their activities included wood collecting, making pot candle holders, learning how to guard their village and grinding corn to make bread. The leader of the village, ‘My Lady’, was impressed with their work efforts and rewarded everyone with a scrumptious banquet in her Great Hall!

Danelaw Dark Age Village is a unique educational environment that is designed to support the study of life in Saxon, Viking or Medieval England. Comprising a number of houses, workshops and fields, the village offers an atmospheric learning environment within which children of all abilities can immerse themselves in the chosen topic.