Richmond House School are delighted to have submitted plans for development of their Early Years building and the construction of a new sports and performance hall.

Following the granting of the planning permission in April 2018 and positive feedback from parents on our proposals, the Governors and Senior Leadership Team have reviewed the plans in terms of costings, timings, present financial climate and what they believe is right for the children, the future of the school and the local community.

The school intends to retain the special atmosphere of the school by maintaining the current capacity whilst enhancing operational facilities and revised plans include development to the Early Years facility on the existing footprint, close to the main school building. This will be a purpose built design, with hugely improved facilities and a space that is equipped to enhance the children’s learning.

Phase 2 of the development is the sports and performance hall, which is proposed to be developed next to the current tennis courts. Full timings for the phases of work are subject to planning permission.

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